Blue Dreamin CMeFly

Flawless conformation with huge jump and stride!

Blue Dreamin CMeFly
2016 AWR Premium Premier 9 overall
Bay 15.1 h Stallion
(Blue Dreamin Catadude x Blue Dreamin Gemini)
Owner: Megan Bittle
2019 Stud fee $1,000 LFG
Booking fee included
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Flyer's Pedigree
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USEA 2017 FEH West Coast yearling Champion!!

AWR Stallion approval overal score of 9!!

Absolutely breathtaking and correct in every way with a coat that catches your eye from far away and draws you into his beauty. Huge stride and LONG legs with a kind trainable temperament. Flyer is completely unique in his class!

Blue Dreamin CMeFly is an up and coming AWR Premium Premier stallion who cant help but capture your eye the moment you see him! He just had his stallion approval and received an impressive overall score of 9! He had a perfect 10 for his Breed Type and Conformation! He truely is something special and there is no other stallion out there like him. From the moment he was born he had legs for days and knew how to use them navigating and rating poles in the arena, jumping them with perfect form all on his own!
Flyer is very easy to handle and very smart which makes training easy. He crosses the only two foundation NASPR sires currently out there and boasts an extensive line of royally bred champions! His breeding is unique and I doubt there is anything out there even close. We had a dream of crossing these lines and it paid off in spades! He is everything we hoped to breed and more.Flyer is young, but already proving to be an exceptional young stallion. He received AWR Premium Premier status at his foal inspection and an impressive overal score of 9.3! In October 2017 Flyer WON the USEA FEH West Coast yearling championships and received such comments from the judges.Flyer brings to the stallion barn his lines that combine the best of each breed.

Blue Dreamin CMeFly "Flyer" was bred to be a champion and in his first year of life he has made us proud by accomplishing greatness. Flyer is registered NASPR Premium Premier, receiving an impressive overall score of 9.3 at his inspection. He went on to compete as a yearling in the USEA Future Event Horse and WON the 2017 West Coast Yearling Champion! He wowed the judges, one judge approached us and said "This is what we look for in an eventing horse; he has it all. He looks out over the horizon and says I can go there and has the conformation and movement to do so and be an athlete!" This was a VERY proud moment as his owner, trainer, and breeder! You will not find another stallion like him out there. We had a vision for our breeding program and wanted to cross the Rosedale Top Cat stallion line with the Makuba line to create a large pony/small horse who could be athletic enough to compete in any ring! 

Flyer's Sire is our lovely NASPR Premium Premier Liver Chestnut stallion Blue Dreamin Catadude "Dude" who is sired by Rosedale Top Cat. Dude has an extensive show record with the USEA FEH winning multiple championships and receiving some top scores of 84.35, 82,  & 80. He went on to compete in the event derby taking second place in both his classes against horses with some 9's in his dressage! Dude sired the highest scored foal in the Nation in 2016 out of all the AWR and NASPR horses and foals who were inspected including Canada! Here score was 9.8! Flyer was right behind her with the 9.3! Dude can really produce the highest quality and we KNOW Flyer will equal or exceed him! Dude brought excellent sport Type and uphill build with beautiful jumping scope and form. 

Flyer's Dam is Blue Dreamin Gemini "Gemma" who is the absolute sweetest mare around and very talented. She is sired by the great Makuba who has shown successfully through Advanced driving and FEI level dressage! We felt very strongly that the dam line should be Makuba offspring as they are strong dressage competitors with excellent bone and stride.

Flyer is the perfect combination of these two lines and has a bright future ahead of him! At his foal inspection he was noted as a definite stallion candidate and we want him to have his shot at greatness! Flyer has LONG legs, a lovely neck on a correct shoulder. He has LOTS of overstep in his walk, his trot is huge with suspension, and his balanced canter is uphill and powerful in his gallop. He has a love of jumping already and is confident in everything he does. His face is masculine yet very refined with a kind eye. Both of his parents are trainable and sweet with great work ethic. Flyer is bright and loves to please, he is everything we dreamed of breeding and more and we are honored to have bred him but mostly to just be around him. He is one you could watch in turnout all day! 

When you believe in something whole heartedly, work hard, and stay honest and true, you can achieve anything...Dream Big!